My Story

Handmade Treasures

I have been making jewelry for a long time, and enjoy the beauty behind the simplicity in my pieces.  Each piece I create is given careful thought to the combination of colors and styles,.  I like making affordable pieces that anyone can enjoy.  

I approach jewelry making  with an emphasis on quality and style! I am into the spiritual; therefore, I pray over all of my work as I create each piece with much love, infusing my pieces with positive energy and good vibrations to help make my pieces a point of faith contact to what one desires to manifest.  I am very diverse with my styles.  When I am not making jewelry, I am traveling throughout the country with my husband, trucking and looking for beautiful pieces to incorporate into my inventory.

Art has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life and I hope you will find this online community welcoming . For me, imagination is the beginning of manifesting creation into your own realm, and I love bringing into reality, the pieces that I capture in my imagination.