Be Inspired

Seahorse bracelets


I enjoy creating bracelets like these which can be unisex; therefore, can be worn by men and women alike and they add style and make a statement.  

Turquoise Blue Jewelry Set


I love working with different variations of turquoise, which can be complimented with so many  other colors and looks beautiful dressing it up, or keeping it casual.


Braided Cord Charm Bracelet

I created this charm bracelet several years ago as a gift for my niece, and she still has it to this day and it still makes a beautiful statement today as it did when I gifted it to her.  (^_^)

I created this bracelet using rosegold pieces with a rosegold Lion's head

Rosegold Lion King Bracelet

 I created this Rosegold Bracelet using all Rosegold beads and accents and a Lion King Center Piece.  

Creativity in evolution

Be Inspired by my One of a Kind handmade pieces.  This is my true passion.  I enjoy creating original pieces for people to rock at any time!